1st Impressions: HARBINGER # 20

Written by Joshua Dysart
Art by Clayton Henry & Brian Reber
Valiant Comics


                Harbinger # 20 starts with a bang as it seems that Harada has revealed himself to the military  …  Then we flashback to the present as a hacker named Ax leaks Project: Rising Spirit files about Harbinger Foundation … And with that, the real fun begins.


                It is great to see Henry back … and with a full issue.  Henry and Reber do a sensational job of giving striking visuals that grab you from the word go. From Harada on an aircraft carrier to Psiots in the sky to Ax making a hasty retreat, there was a lot of impact, detail and style. Everything looked distinct and the action was kinetic.
                Reber’s colors shower the pages with strong, bold colors that help give depth and life to Henry’s strong pencils. This was definitely some of Henry’s best work yet.


                Dysart gives us a very impactful first issue of “Resistance.” There are definitely moves being made as Ax and Harada seem to be trapped in a chess game. In the meantime, Ax himself makes one of the most striking debuts; already making him an important, key player within a mere 3 pages. Dysart gives wonderful dialogue stacked with some really deep scenes as there are things from the UN to soldiers chasing Ax in a park. Dysart gives us an opening shot for this next story leaves a lot of weight to it as Ax’s intentions is revealed and Harada is now playing a whole new game.
                The pacing was great as always and dialogue feels nature. Another great issue in the can.
                Strong first impressions leave me wanting more. It will probably do the same to you with great art and story.

                I give Harbinger # 20 gets a 9.5 … out of 10.