SDCC: DC Comics Reveals 9 Titles & Didio Spills the Beans

Dan Didio gives DC All Access and us viewers the low down on some titles that are changing and some brand new titles:

The six new titles and three titles changing:

Arkham Manor – spinning off of Batman: Eternal
Gotham Academy Р students in Gotham
Deathstroke – the title is back … because he’s been extremely popular because of Arrow.
Lobo – Getting a solo series … even though there is TWO of them. ¬†Written by Cullen Bunn.
Clarion the Witch Boy – new mystical title.
Trinity of Sin – featuring Phantom Stranger, Pandora and The Question

Batgirl – younger, redesign, new creative team
Catwoman – crime boss Selena?!
Green Arrow – taken over by the writers of the Arrow