Comics News: Vampress Luxura Celebrates 20th Anniversary With a New Kickstarter.

Vampress Luxura Celebrates 20th Anniversary with a new Kickstarter.
Fayetteville, NC – Veteran comic artist & writer Kirk Lindo, has launched his 2nd Kickstarter campaign.  This one is a 20th Anniversary Collection ofLuxura’s Greatest Adventures, introducing Luxura and her adventures to a new generation of readers!
This collection of 8 trade paperbacks and art books collects the Luxura stories from the Vamperotica anthology comic series as well as several of the Luxura mini-series and one shots. 
Fans who are familiar with Luxura can now get all of her stories in one collection. And those of you who have heard of or seen images of Luxura, can now read all of her stories.

The Vampress Luxura is Kirk Lindo´s original character that was the star of his highly successful Vamperotica comic series which ran for 50 issues and also spun off into several mini-series and magazines.

Luxura belongs to a race of vampires known as the ‘Kith’. Although her exact age has not yet been disclosed, she is at least several centuries old. She has made good use of this time, building her own shadow empire that spans the globe. The heart of this empire is a complex in Manhattan, New York. It is a vast network of tunnels, caverns, and trophy rooms.

Luxura is an avid collector. While much of her many collections have monetary value, most items are kept for sentimental value. Amongst the armor, jewelry, clothing, books and weapons, there is the crown jewel of her collections… the Blood Vault. This vault, believed by many to be the largest in the world, contains thousands of wine bottles filled with magically preserved blood. Each bottle is carefully labeled, and displays a portrait or photograph of the donor. In her Blood Vault is every conceivable historical figure that you can think of from Julius Caesar to John F. Kennedy.  

Luxura is a strong believer in the rule of law, and actively works to enforce the three main tenets of Kith society- sustaining mortals as a plentiful food source, regulating the Kith to prevent anarchy, and maintaining discretion so mortals are not alerted to the existence of Kith.

This new Kickstarter hit it’s initial funding goal within the first hour and is already on pace to exceed Lindo’s previous Kickstarter total.
Part of the reason for the initial success might have to do with the fact that Lindo’s first Kickstarter shipped on time with a few of the rewards actually shipping ahead of schedule!  
Kirk is quoted as saying:
“My first Kickstarter Campaign was a great experience and the response to the new one has been AMAZING so far!” 
More information is available directly on the Kickstarter page.
To learn more about this project or inquire about interviews, please contact:
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