1st Impression: ETERNAL WARRIOR # 5

Written by Greg Pak
Art by Robert Gill & Guy Major
Valiant Entertainment


                Welcome to 4001 AD, where Gilad is still alive after the world has changed and technology is not as … abundant as it used to be from the looks of this future. Yet, we quickly see what machinery can do in this far out future and what Gilad has done in order to help people survive.


                I have to hand it to Robert Gill for giving us a beautifully rendered opening to this new arc. There is an abundance of detail that really helps bring readers into the world with dramatic looking scenery, redesigned wardrobe and a good amount of people of all shapes and sizes in this future. Gilad looks weathered at this point but is a grandfather to a young girl named Caroline.
                Gill does not disappoint in action either, showing that Gilad still has it after all these years. And Major’s colors really bring out the best of Gill’s art, making sure that everything breathes life. With strong detail, varied designs and great panel composition, this arc visually opens with all rockets blazing into your optics.


                Pak gives us a very intriguing beginning to this new arc. There are a lot of unanswered questions and Pak uses this issue, mostly for set up. And I admit, the set up is good. We see Gilad’s status quo in the future as he is with a tribe of humans. The fact that technology seems frowned upon by some in this future is very interesting. 
                Pak also introduces a new member to Gilad’s family, his grand daughter Caroline. Caroline seems to take after Xaran a little but Gilad, this time around, seems to be okay with his granddaughter being a bit vicious. Pak also creates an interesting relationship between the tribe Gilad is in and Gilad. Their relationship with one another is not as clear cut as it could be; which makes it that much more intriguing.
                Pak paces this first issue well and leaves you with an interesting stinger while still showing you that Gilad is still Gilad. The dialogue was great. And overall, I enjoyed reading the issue.


                Solid first part of this new arc. Good writing and great art. There are a LOT of mysteries that are unanswered but this opening issue leaves you asking more questions in a good way.


                I give Eternal Warrior # 5 an 8.5 … out of 10.