Jack Hammer # 4 Review

Written by Brandon Barrows
Art by Ionic
Action Lab Entertainment

This will be a spoiler free review.

                It’s the final show down between Jack and the Black Smile with an election and lives on the line. Conspiracies will be revealed and Jack and Charlie go all out to stop the Black Smile and his crew.
                Ionic  does a great job this issue. He adds a slight bit more of detail this issue, giving everyone a nice look with his unique art style. The detail he adds is great as it makes the action look good and the emotion of the issue is conveyed well. Backgrounds are good. The colors and shading work, add a good element of mystery; which fits the theme of the book.
                My only real gripe is that distance shots aren’t the greatest. Otherwise, the action was good. The people are distinct. And there are some decent backgrounds.


                The plots of the miniseries and the issue tie up well.  The plots with Goodman and the Black Smile are fully connected here and Barrows allow the mystery and the detective work leads to a strong climax. Jack, Charlie, Stu and more get some great development this issue. Barrows allows everyone to shine in one manner or another this issue, allowing the book to feel very powerful and complete. The main plot gets showcased well throughout the whole issue as we learned some more answers, leaving us with more questions. The dialogue was very strong and the pacing was near perfect. A really great ending for this miniseries.

                I really enjoyed this last issue. Things got tied up well. We got some mysterties for future mysteries with Jack Hammer. The cast got to shine and the art was pretty good. This issue really left me feeling satisified and wanting more of Jack. I give Jack Hammer # 4 a solid 4 out of 5.