SDCC: CRAZY BITCHES’ Guinevere Turner Joins SDCC’s Queer Horror Panel July 25

CRAZY BITCHES’ Guinevere Turner Joins SDCC’s Queer Horror Panel July 25

Crazy Bitches

WHO: Queer icon, screenwriter, filmmaker and actress Guinevere Turner(American Psycho, “The L Word”, Chasing Amy); Director Jane Clark (METH HEAD, CRAZY BITCHES)

WHAT: Horror films, TV shows, books, and comics are more popular than ever. Authors, filmmakers, and comics creators are always looking for new twists to the medium, including presenting LGBT subtext, plot elements, and characters. But does a gay horror genre exist, and if so what makes it different from mainstream horror? Do queer horror creators bring a different sensibility to the medium? Has the current surge of LGBTQ acceptance and civil rights influenced the horror genre? Prism Comics and moderator/horror expert Sean Abley (Fangoria’s Gay of the Dead, Out in the Dark) and panelists Jeffrey Reddick (Final DestinationDay of the Dead), J. T. Seaton (George: A Zombie Intervention, NOLA Horror Film Festival), Tim Sullivan (2001 ManiacsChillerama),Guinevere Turner (American Psycho, “The L-Word,” Crazy Bitches) and Michael Varrati (Tales of PoeSins of Dracula) explore these and other aspects of this popular medium from a queer perspective.

The following day, Saturday, July 26, Turner will join director J.T. Seaton at the Prism Comics booth from 10:00AM to noon for a meet and greet and autograph session with fans. They will be joined by Crazy Bitches director Jane Clark.

WHENFriday July 25, 2014 7:00pm – 8:00pm
Saturday July 26, 2014 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

WHEREFriday: Room 28DE
Saturday: Prism Comics, Hall C, Booth 2144.