Straight Forward Reviews : Delinquents # 1

DELINQ_001_COVER_RIVERAWhat happens when one funny, outlandish, thought provoking comic collides with another? You end up with a bunch of delinquents!

Writer – James Asmus (story by James and Fred Van Lente)

Artist – Kano

Publisher – Valiant 

Review by Jeremias de Leon


As spoiler free a summary I can give is that the two duos are led toward the same goal but start at opposite ends. Seriously, since this comic still has a bit before it comes out it would be a shame to spoil any more.

As for the strength of the writing James Asmus and Fred Van Lente have not lost their touch and by combining their creativity have come up with a really interesting storyline and story telling style. It reads like a storyboard for a movie and has some unique ways of moving things along between panels. The comedy is still on point too.

The characters are written by guys who definitely understand how they’re supposed to act and think. Even if the reader hasn’t read any previous Archer and Armstrong or Quantum and Woody they would know that these characters have a really interesting history that they should check out.


The comic has plenty of pages that use a lot of panels. It gives the comic a movie storyboard feeling. The characters look a bit more like retro cartoon characters in the 70s where the characters look realistic but still have exaggerated features. The color palette used also helps create the tone by using bright colors that gives a lighthearted feeling. There’s also some points in the comic that are dark and the color palette appropriately changes.


Before we get into the verdict. A note about the rating scale. The Broken Infinite has now adapted the out of 5 rating scale and reviews from here on will be scored out of 5.

There were high expectations to see two very well written teams with very funny writers team up and it is not disappointing. The characters are hugely entertaining, the story is wacky and yet interesting and the art style is unique. I give The Delinquents a 4.5 out of 5