BRAND NEW! Damsel In Excess # 1 Review

Written by Vince Hernandez

Art by Mirka Andolfo & Simone Di Meo
Letters by Josh Reed

Aspen Comics

This will be a spoiler free review.

We have start our book with Princess Bethany, going over how it’s her birthday and that all the other princesses will join her. And we get introduced to each princess, little by little, finding out they are five very different women.  Also, we find out that all men are dead in this world … and also why. But as things get scarier after a boy is found in the forest by unicorns … just go with it … we get an even larger reveal as to the secret of the five princesses meetings.  Damsels_In_Excess-01a-Andolfo


Andolfo and Di Meo do a spectacular job this first issue. While a bit cartoony, Andolfo gives enough detail to make it stand out. The style is a bit different from other Aspen books but it fits the story well. There is a good amount of detail in each page. Andolfo and Di Meo give great perspective on characters. There are so many characters and beings with different shapes, sizes and colors that it really helps bring us into this world of decadence, fairy tales and danger.

The designs oDamsels_In_Excess-01Bf our five princesses are distinct to match their kingdoms. And emotion is conveyed well with the expressions that are drawn by Andolfo and Di Meo. And I give it to our art team to making sure we got a great sense of atmosphere with each kingdom and with each scene.


Hernandez opens this new book with a great start. We got a solid main plot with some good B and C plots going. Hernandez brings smart dialogue to the book; allowing our princesses to get their personalities fleshed out while also advancing the plot seamlessly.  There is no real wasted words. Hernandez makes sure you get a good understanding of all our princesses, Bethany in particular, during this first issue.

Hernandez accomplishes a lot with excellent pacing: introduction to our princesses and their characters, introduce us to the world of the Five Realms, why there are no m
ales, who our main antagonist could be and the story as to why our girls had to meet together.  There is a lot in this first issue but it does not feel like it is too much or too little. My only real complaint is that people might find it a bit wordy but that is my only complaint. Overall, Hernandez writes one of his best issues to date.


A bit wordy but otherwise a great first issue. It was a great way to give a weird look at fairy tale princesses in a very different world.  The art is colorful, detailed and vibrant, capturing the eye of the reader and the multi-culturalism of this world. The writing is very strong and insightful. The characters are all distinct and full of personality. All this makes a strong first issue.  I give Damsels in Excess # 1 a 4.5 … out of 5.