The Game Riffers : Riff Table Arcade episode 9 Nintendo’s Grim Fiscal Year Talk

This past week hasn’t been great for Nintendo with all the talk about its revision on the sales of the 3DS and, especially, the Wii U. RRPG, FighterXaos, and 16bitjeff fill in their two-cents about this whole outcome with what they believe about hearing this situation, and they give their own opinions on what Nintendo can do to change within this year and the ones after that.

Before you spat out doom and gloom, we will say that Nintendo will not go anywhere because of their current standing in the bank, and how they are still a profitable company at this point. We are only presenting logic on what they can do to rectify their mistakes since Satoru Iwata, humbly, declared that change needs to take place within the company. Find out what all we have to say as 2014 kicks off a brand new year for The Game Riffers with the Riff Table Arcade!

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