1st Impressions: TRISH OUT OF WATER # 4

Written by Vince Hernandez
Art by Giuseppe Cafaro, Ruben Curto, Manuala Nerolini & Mad5 Factory
Aspen Comics


                We find the chief of police visiting Trish’s Mom, finding out her final fight. Meanwhile, Trish’s father is training Trish to be able to use her “Blue” abilities while her friends watch from the sidelines.  Later, her friends go away only to run into some trouble in the form of Oron. Oron wants Trish and he will go through his friends to do it. Yet, Trish’s friends get help from an unlikely source.
                Meanwhile, Trish and her Father find some startling revelations while in the deep.


                Cafaro is definitely hitting his stride. (I Know I used that in the All New Fathom review; sue me) Seriously though, Cafaro’s style is definitely a bit cleaner this issue with some really strong pencils. There is a good amount of detail and the coloring team of Curto, Nerolini and Mad5 Factory really do a spectacular job enhancing Cafaro’s pencils. Details are clearly seen. There is a good amount of backgrounds that are decently rendered. The style definitely looks cleaner this issue than previous issues.
                Action in this book is done well with some good panel composition. The colors are not overly brightened yet still have a nice, ethereal glow of white to them during the panels in Hereta.  There are some good angles to the panel work and the panels tell the story well.  A solid job by the art team.
                Hernandez continues to play with the reader as some revelations lead to more questions and it really makes me want to scream … in a good way. I am very much invested in this book now and after this issue, even more so. The revelations this issue were very well done. There were built up well from the beginning of the series.  The staggering revelation at the top  of the issue to the Earth-shattering revelation in the final panel, Hernandez makes sure this issue holds a lot of weight and character development. Yes. There is a good bunch of that. And oddly enough, it isn’t from Trish. Trish essentially takes the back seat for most of the issue but Hernandez makes it more than okay.  We get a chance to see father and daughter bond but then we are treated to development from the Police Chief and Trish’s friends.  They get some good spotlight  and a little bit of growth as each of them decide that they want to defend Trish from the Blue that are hunting her. 
                Plus, the final revelations at the end of the book were a strong surprise as it just hints at the beginning of Trish’s destiny.
                The dialogue was solid and the pacing of the issue was perfect. Another stellar job by Hernandez.


                This was the issue that was the beginning of the end and it delivered. We are getting a stronger, more realized world in this book with new locals and the supporting characters getting a good amount of time to shine.  Everything seemed to progress well and the opening and ending of the book will leave you staggered. The art was solid and better than before.


 I give Trish Out of Water # 4 … a 9 out of 10. A great job.