1st Impressions: FRACTURE ENCORE EDITION # 1

Written by Shawn Gabborins
Art by Chad Cicconi & Dave Dwonch
Action Lab Entertainment
                We get introduced to our main character Jeff … I mean Malice, the supervillain … no wait! Not Malice!  It’s the hero, Virtue! The mighty hero Virtue comes to rescue a woman from some muggers … and finds himself married … wait, no … our main character is Jeff. It’s Malice. No. It’s Virtue. No. It’s Jeff. And thus … Fracture begins.

                Cicconi and Dwonch give us a great book here. The classic comic book style is meshed with some great panel composition that you would not normally see. There was a good use of angles, backgrounds and a strong amount of expression.  Cicconi does a good job giving people a good amount of detail to make them distinct.  While the style is simplier, Cicconi is able to convey action well.  Yet, there are a few panels where the detail is less and it hurts it a little but overall, solid pencils.
                Dwonch’s colors and shade really work to strengthen Cicconi’s work.  The colors are a bit light on some points but Dwonch does a good job shading.  Yet, Dwonch makes it work, help giving  Cicconi’s work the detail of expression it needs.  While the style might not be in the Big Two, it is still a solid comic.
                Okay. I give it to you Gabborin. I am all in. Jeff is an interesting character with a wonderful conundrum. When readers read this book, you are never sure of what is happening. But that mystery is a driving force and Gabborin makes it entertaining. We get a look at three distinct sides: a villain, a hero and a civilian. The book poses a lot of questions while taking the time to have fun with classic super hero banter, tropes and overall fascinations people have with heroes and villains.
                Gabborin nails it with great dialogue. It is very natural … for Virtue and Jeff. The portions with Malice are purposely over the top.  Yet, I found Malice’s dialogue to be endearing.
                The pacing of the book was excellent. Gabborin give you just enough  to get a feeling for the characters and story that it will make you want more. Well done by Gabborin.
                The art was solid. The story was awesome. This book has a lot going for it and I am in for the ride.

                I give Fracture Encore Edition # 1 an 8 …. Out of 10. Get it now.