Straight Forward Reviews : Archer and Armstrong 0

The secret to what Archer really is has been revealed in this issue. But, is it worth knowing or should you just forget this happened and keep reading the next issues like it matters? Here’s what one review will say on the matter.

Writer – Fred Van Lente

Artist – Pere Perez

Publisher – Valiant 

Review by Jeremias de Leon


Considering all the revelations I won’t get into many details about the story. What I will say is that it follows Archer’s youth and then speaks of what he’s done recently as well. When the story follows his youth the story behind Archer’s abilities are explained.

Van Lente does a good job of getting you emotionally invested in Archer’s story and it really helps the reader come to understand why Archer’s personality is the way it is. The dialog also has this human element that I remember from the early issues in Van Lente’s run that seemed to reach out and grab readers. Not that it went away in recent issues, but it feels like it’s in full force here.


The art in this has this great kinetic sense. Something I’m keen on is not really details like strands of hair but how well movement is portrayed. This comic’s various artists in the past and now Pere Perez have all shown movement and fighting with a fantastic sense of style. It’s always been a favorite part of this series.


As mentioned before just because there’s revelations doesn’t mean it’s necessarily a must buy, especially if these revelations are shown to the reader before the characters know it. A reader could choose to skip out on this and simply learn the same way the characters do.

With that said I believe this particular origin story is well worth the read. Not just for the origin story but for the great art with great action scenes and a story with good character development for one of it’s title characters.

I give Archer and Armstrong 0 a 9.5 out of 10.