Lola XOXO # 3 Review

Written by Siya Oum
Art by Siya Oum
Aspen Comics

This will be a spoiler free review.

Lola is getting adjusted to working for Edgar while still trying to reach out to Kami. Lola finds that working for Edgar has its advantages and disadvantages. Meanwhile, Monarch proceeds to mount a rescue for Kami while Connor does the same for Lola.


  As normal, the art is this book is breath taking. The panels are full of life with great backgrounds, character expressions and porportions and just all our beautiful, painted like coloring. Every page just gives off a great sense of the world we see here … full of grime, decay and danger. While there was not much action this issue, Oum does a great job with strong panel compositions, proportions and overall great perspectives. Honestly, this book’s art is near perfect … save for the last few pages. It seems as if they were done in a hurry. They are okay but not as good as the rest of the book. I am not sure it was a mood effect because of the snow in the issue or just a choice … but the last few pages looked rushed. But this is still one of the best looking books on stands now.

Oum’s pacing is perfect in this issue as we get to continue her main story while advancing several other plots at the same time. We get to see a bit more of Edgar’s operation that allows us to see how Lola is living now while also see how Lola is adjusting to working for him and reaching out to Kami as much as she can. This definitely gives her multiple dimensions to her personality. Meanwhile, Edgar, Connor and Monarch all get significant character time this issue, helping those characters get fleshed out. Oddly enough, in Kami’s silence, we get to see her own development as the issue goes along. And while we are still learning much about this world, Oum does a great job blending new facets of this future with her main plotline.
The dialogue was very strong this issue, nothing feeling like worthless banter while each sentence either built character, showed different aspects of the new world or helped set up what was to come. And the ending … was a shocker. I was DEFINITELY not expecting what happens at the end. Some superb writing from Oum.


This book continues to just get better and better. While the art in the end isn’t as great as earlier in the issue, it is still a beautifully drawn book. Honestly, this issue had such great writing and it helped move along the story well. Definitely a strong showing by Aspen. I give Lola XOXO # 3 a solid 4.5 out of 5.