Comics News: THANIEL Redefines the Supernatural Genre in All New 4 Issue Miniseries

Surrounded by death his entire life, THANIEL is a high-school dropout with a very troubled path that only gets more complex when he discovers that his father is the Grim Reaper himself, Death. Written and created by Omar Spahi (XENOGPLYPHS) with art by Terry Huddleston, THANIEL launches in April with its first two issues of a four issue mini-series, each
issue priced at $3.99. Both issues will be available at your local comic shop and online at, April 9th (issue 1) and April 23rd (issue 2).

A cross between “Boys N The Hood” and “Dead Like Me,” THANIEL blends together different genres that don’t often crossover. Having grown up on the wrong side of the tracks, THANIEL has been surrounded by loss. He’s lost close friends and family, particularly his own mother, who was taken far before her time. After her passing, THANIEL comes face to face with his destiny as energy begins to manifest within him. Discovering that this energy is cosmically linked to death, THANIEL tries to aim his new power at evil people in his city, trying to bring some good to the world. These acts of his bring the attention of another being tied to the cosmos, Death, the Grim Reaper, who claims to be THANIEL’S father, with a very dark plan for his son.

Thaniel’s one of those characters I sadly don’t see enough of in comics,” Huddleston explains about the title character. “He’s proactive, street smart, and visually very interesting to draw. I’m very excited to be a part of this new project.”

It’s been a real pleasure collaborating with Terry on this book, bringing to life, and death, a really unique character,” Spahi says excitedly. “We’re aiming to create a comic book series that Terry and I have always wanted to read, and I think we did just that. It’s hard work. Hopefully people enjoy it.”

“Sharp, stylized, and fun!” -Brian Buccellato (THE FLASH, DETECTIVE COMICS)

“Great story with beautiful art! 5 out of 5 pocket protectors!” -Nerd Nation Radio

Quite honestly one of the best books to read while at gunpoint.” -Luke Anthony, The Outhousers

BLEEDING COOL recently did a great piece on the upcoming series, showing off artwork from the first issue, a sneak peek at the cover to the upcoming third issue, and a nice bio on the book’s main characters.

For more information on THANIEL, both the SON OF THE REAPER website is now active, as is the new OSSM COMICS site.