1st Non Japanese Director Leads Japanese Toku Film in GAION SIGMA

And now, we have the first official trailer of the Tokusatsu, “Gaion Sigma.” Gaion Sigma is definitely a historic movie because it is co-directed by the first Non-Japanese Tokusatsu director to film a Japanese Toku, Bueno. The film will be part of a double feature with the movie of the Chiba local hero, “Houjin Yatsurugi,” with a limited amount of theaters.

Gaion Sigma is actually Kaito Shishidou, a man who creates the Gaion System to don armor to battle yokai (aka demons). Gaion Sigma originally started out as a secondary character from Houjin Yatsurugi tv show from Chiba, Japan.

The following was posted on his Facebook earlier today as he comments about the movie’s run:


Although it will only be in a limited amount of theaters in Japan (T-Joy Cinemas), there might be plans for screenings overseas later on as well! A huge thanks to all the people that have been supporting me.


Here’s the trailer. 

As for Bueno’s other project, Gun Calibur, there will be more on that soon according to the director as he stated on the Facebook post. 

Gaion Sigma/Bueno Facebook Page