1st Impressions: HARBINGER # 21

Written by Joshua Dysart
Art by Clayton Henry & Brian Reber
Valiant Comics


                We open to find where the Renegades have been staying since what happened in “Perfect Day.” It seems that @X isn’t the only new person that the Renegades have picked up. As we get to learn why @X hacked into Project: Rising Spirit, members of the group are dealing with Cabin Fever and getting ready for the repercussions of @X’s actions.


                Henry’s art is absolutely exquisite this issue. The lines are nice and clean. Great panel composition. The backgrounds are varied. Everyone has a distinct look and figure. Henry pulls off some great visual angles this issue as well as giving us some really appealing, emotional moments that are caught well by us.
                Reber’s colors only make Henry’s work stand out more, giving each panel a good amount of color and adding mood to Henry’s already astonishing pencils. This is sequential art at its best.

                Dysart continues what is becoming, in my mind, one of the greatest runs of comics of all time. The amount of character development this issue was astounding and solid. Everyone of the Renegades, including their two new members, got to shine this issue.

                This issue was mostly used for character development and set, which works out just fine.  We see some insecurities amongst our Renegades as well as just how serious the situation is. Dysart molds this issue well; showing us that our protagonists are not only still very human … but are not full ready for what may come.

                Dialogue this issue feels very authentic. Particularly two conversations involving Faith this issue. I really applaud Dysart for making dynamic, fully realized characters who understand their importance. The pacing of the issue was perfect. The various scenes in the book just gave a lot of insight on the characters and the situation they are in. There was definitely a lot of growth with just about all the characters and It feels very real. I applaud the evolution of these characters as Dysart makes sure that each evolution is clearly aligned with what has gone on before. Some of the best work we have seen from him yet. 

                Stellar issue. Fantastic art. Characters you can relate to. Gripping story. Amazing visuals. This is how comics should be.


                Harbinger # 21 gets a solid 10 out of 10 from me! Buy it when it comes out February 12th