Riff Table Arcade Episode 10 Sonic Boom Goes With Everything

Sega hit off some pretty big spikes in gaming media from this past week as they plan on 2014 to be the year for the Sonic the Hedgehog brand to get revitalized with new merchandise, a new CGI cartoon, and most importantly; the third, exclusive game for the Nintendo platforms called “Sonic Boom”! RRPG and FighterXaos discuss the trailer of both the game and the cartoon as well as the character designs as much of this stuff has been showing both praise and criticism from the masses. What do they think? Find out today as 2014 is now the Year of Sonic! Gotta juice!

Just as a disclaimer, the new Sonic game tied to the new cartoon is not replacing Sonic Team’s mainline of the franchises as modern Sonic will still be present for everyone as Sonic Boom is only in a spin-off fashion to appeal more to the Western crowd.

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