Armor Hunters # 2 Review

Written by Robert Venditti
Art by Doug Braithwraite & Laura Martin
Lettering by Dave Sharpe
Valiant Comics

This is a Spoiler Free review!

                M.E.R.O., Aric and Livewire see the devastation of Mexico City from the Armor Hunters as Primary lays out his demands.  Bloodshot gets up to speed as The Armor Hunters break out the Hounds … attacking seven places at once.


                The art in this issue is some of Braithwraite’s best in his career. The smooth lines and the polished pencils and inks really stand out this issue. Every panel is full of great detail, expression and a vibrancy that goes beyond his normal work. Braithwraite goes through great perspectives with all the characters, give the panel just the right tone for every scene in the book. The battles are GLORIOUS. And there is one panel with Ninjak having a “holy Sh**” moment that was just captured so well.  Laura Martin’s colors really brings out the best of Braithwraite’s art, making it so dynamic that it will grab your face to the page from start to finish.  Gorgeous art indeed.


                Venditti makes this second issue build up the event to a great explosion. There are personal stakes for Aric and Livewire. Bloodshot gets inserted into the event well. We get some very personal moments with the Armor Hunters, particularly Primary that continue to let us know more of our “villains” of our event.  Venditti weaves the plots and characterizations so well that it only heightens the events in the issue. And man … the stakes are VERY high at this point. The danger is palapable. And we get some great revelations as Venditti sets up the next issue as well.


                This issue was amazing from start to finish. The art was superb. The writing was exquisite. THIS is how event books should be written.  I am definitely all in on this event as it continues. I give Armor Hunters # 2 a solid 5 … out of 5!