1st Impressions: UNITY # 4

Written by Matt Kindt
Art by Doug Braithwaite & Brian Reber
Valiant Comics


                Unity fights its toughest opponent yet … each other. One member leaves. Another member joins.


                Braithwaite and Reber give us a graceful and stunning final performance with their work on this first arc’s finale. From detailed backgrounds to strong, kinetic action to great panel composition, Unity # 5 proves to be a cut above all others as it delivers in so many ways. Braithwaite conveys emotion well but also makes sure you feel the enormity of the situation or the importance of people such as Harada and Aric. They look larger than life and are very important men.  Braithwaite gives them that look and feel so well this issue. The personal and professional weight of the events of this issue gets rendered beautiful. Reber does not disappoint with sharp colors that really help give a great look and style to the book. Definitely one of the best looking issues this last year.


                Kindt brings a level of intelligence and emotion to this group of heroes that project them to be both larger than life yet still very human at the same time. There is an excellent balance that Kindt continues to play out throughout this issue. The final confrontation this issue felt very authentic with good use of emotion and great characterizations from our main cast. Without giving away spoilers, I can honestly say that Unity definitely unified me alongside our team of heroes.
                Plot progression was solid and fit the overall ending. And I applaud Kindt’s characterizations of Ninjak, Livewire and Eternal Warrior. There definitely feels as if Kindt did his homework with the characterizations of Aric and Harada, making sure they feel real here.  A solid ending to a great arc.

                Unity # 4 solidfies the team while tying up some very personal loose ends. It looks great and the ending is gratifying.


                I give Unity # 4 a solid 9 … out of 10.