THROUGH THE DUST OF EMPYREAN Needs You To Tale Their Tale Using Indiegogo

BookMaker Comics is very proud to announce the start of their new project, which can be supported via Indiegogo
The project, THROUGH THE DUST OF EMPYREAN, has 54 days left for your contribution. The project is written by Massimo Rosi with the amazing art of Stefano Cardoselli and the colors of Jimmy Kerast.

Through the Dust of the Empyrean starts when the Christian God dies. The philosophers send Don Quixote to gather all the Empyrean’s rulers, as only they can define a new God or religion.
By rule of the Empyrean, the dead Christian God and his followers are exiled to a sort of Limbo. But not all his followers submit to this rule: people such as Torquemada, Joan of Arc, and others decide to rebel against the Empyrean and the philosophers in a quest to see their dead God on his throne again.
This mad move forces the Empyrean’s rulers, constantly at war with each other, to work together to quash this open rebellion; and Don Quixote finds himself involved in a war with the hope of finding a new God for his people.
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