1st Impressions: BLOODSHOT AND H.A.R.D. CORPS #19

Written by Christos Gage and Joshua Dysart
Art by Bart Sears, Chriscross, Victor Olazaba & Matt Milla
Valiant Comics

                Half of the team is captured by Oreck’s freaks while the rest of the team mount a rescue. As they do, we get some back story as to a couple character motivations while Bloodshot is faced with an interesting proposition.


                The art in this issue was fantastic. To Chriscross’s solid and powerful flashbacks to Bart Sears dynamic and kinetic action, this issue was a great buffet for the eyes. Sears has not lost it in his long tenture as an artist. I dare say, Sears’ work is better now than it’s ever been. It’s nice and polished and unique. There is a great amount of darker scenes that are set just right between Sears’ work and Milla’s colors.
                Chriscross delivers some very powerful moments this issue with the flashbacks. A lot of raw emotion was captured in panels that not many artists can encapsulate so well. Olazaba’s inks alongside Milla’s colors make them even more powerful as there are some really good moments rendered.
                The art was nice, detailed and clean. All the art in this issue was used very well and the art team should be commended on such a spectacular looking book.


                Gage and Dysart continue to build their cast here while also tying up this storyline. There is clear development for several characters: Bloodshot, Palmer, Granite and Vagabond. Each other them get some really key moments in this issue that really help not only move it along but make the book more compelling in amidst the glorious violence. These moments are blended in well with the conflict with Oreck and his group of super-powered soldiers.
                Gage and Dysart blend the personal with the professional so well this issue that it makes some good statements about dealing with your work life and how it might affect you personally. Also, Vagabond’s backstory was particularly gripping. The story ended quite satisfactory as well as a couple surprises that I did not see coming. Great dialogue and strong story make for a great comic and this issue has it in spades.

                This issue had it all. Great art. Great Character development. Exotic locales. Violence. And surprises that definitely are out there but do not feel illogical. I personally found the issue to be very entertaining and full of character growth while people were being blasted at and all rendered beautifully.


                I give Bloodshot & H.A.R.D. Corps # 19 a solid 9.5 … out of 10. Pick it up  February 19th.