The Original Mario Gully launches first KICKSTARTER project.

Hey folks you need to come down and check out the Original Mario Gully’s new Kickstarter out. It is a beautifully illustrated project. From the press release it states.

“It’s like Scarface meets Avatar with dogs and cats, but better! 🙂 

Original Mario Gully artwork. 


New Bark City, Growlsville. This is an epic tale of a mutt by the name of Rover – an ex “Gangster” that gave up his life on the streets to embark on a quest of self discovery while standing up against the segregation between the mutts and the pedigrees. Rover quickly finds out that life in the city has changed as Dirty, the notorious “BIG DAWG”, has taken control of New Bark City by force and is now fighting a vicious turf war with Madam Kitty for ultimate power. It’s a dog-eat-dog world and no animal is safe in this adventure of romance, gangsters, tommy-guns, fast cars and flea bitten varmints! DIRTY BONES, where every dog has it’s day!”

So check it out folks. Here is the link: DIRTY BONES

Jake Estrada