Comic News: The Arcane Awakening Second Volume Hits!!!

The Arcane Awakening is “X-men” meets “The Da Vinci Code”. The descendants of ancient angel/human hybrids, or Arcane, long dormant abilities spring to life when Satan’s appears on earth. God’s army (The Ministry) and Lucifer’s army (The Demonic Blight) battle each other one last time for all the marbles… earth and humanity… winner take all.
The Arcane Awakening continues in the thrilling second volume of the trilogy. Available now!

Where to buy The Arcane?
The Arcane Awakening #2 is available now at Dominic Riggio, writer/creator of The Arcane Awakening will be signing copies of The Arcane Awakening #1 & #2 at Wizard World Comic Con Chicago August 21-24 2014, Detroit Fanfare Comic Con October 2014, and Motor City Comic Con May 16-18. 2014.
What’s Next?
Mess Bucket Comics is now in pre-production of the final book of The Arcane Trilogy, The Arcane #3. This will conclude The Arcane Awakening introduction trilogy.
What reviewers are saying:
“The Arcane Awakening is a really great read! Awesome quality! Great concept- great art… Can’t imagine someone not wanting to pick this up!” Matt Busch Official Star Wars Artist
“The Arcane Awakening makes for an interesting introduction. Written by Dominic Riggio, The Arcane Awakening has interesting tone and details that both allow for extreme super-powered action as well as a quick development of story. The Arcane Awakening is an interesting read with excellent art and well worth checking out, especially if you’re interested in a super-powered celestial war.” –Dale Wilson
“Mess Bucket Comics has done something unique in recreating a biblical story overlaying what can only be described as a Tarantino-style explosion of violence, mayhem, and overt raucous behavior. It is a brief and absorbing jaunt that is over so quickly that you are left wondering: What the hell just happened? I imagine we will be seeing more of The Arcane Awakening very soon.” Empirical Magazine- Dan O’Brien.