Straight Forward Reviews : Quantum and Woody # 8

Quantum and Woody are back with more wacky antics in issue 8!

Writer – James Asmus

Artist – Ming Doyle

Publisher – Valiant

Review by Jeremias de Leon


The story has Quantum and Woody acting like real superheroes and selflessly try to save people even though they have such opposite views from them. Yes, you read that right even Woody was acting like a real hero. The jump from guys to having superpowers to guys who actually care about defending others feels believable too.

Also I have to mention that the writing is brilliant and funny overall. It won’t just make you bust a gut but it also fairly looks at people’s different ideologies and beliefs.


Ming Doyle’s art still has this nice retro look to it. Along with Jordie Bellaire’s colors adding to that. The colors almost look like old prints except of course without seeing the obvious CMYK dots like old comics had. It’s a nice change up from other art styles you see in comics nowadays.


Even if the art isn’t your cup of tea I still have to give my highest recommendation for this book. The writing is hilarious and on point and it’s such a joy to read that I give Quantum and Woody # 8 a 10 out of 10.