1st Impressions: JACK HAMMER # 2

Written by Brandon Barrows
Art by Ionic
Action Lab Entertainment


                Jack finds himself meeting 3 super powered thugs that, at first, want to do business with him. As to why? That does not get explained but things go south as the mystery deepens with new superhumans popping up.


                Ionic’s style is very simple. It has a good amount of detail as well as some wonderful proportions on people. Ionic gives a good showing here with great angles, decent pencils and some great coloring. Ionic definitely plays with the angles this issue, giving us some unique shots that really work for the book.  Also, the shading in the book is very well done.  My only real gripe would have to be that some of the inking is indeed a bit on the heavy side when it comes to the outline of people. While a little bit is fine, I thought that some of it was a bit heavy in the beginning of the book.  The action is pretty well rendered here. A solid job by Ionic over all.


                Barrows does a great job here of moving the story along while giving us some great characterization with our main hero. Our detective is not a “Garry Stu” type character. He is flawed, abrasive and sarcastic. Yet, Jack’s charm cannot be denied as he goes on to connect Howitzer to what seems to be a crime gang. Barrows allows us to run alongside Jack as he puts all the pieces of the puzzle together.
                The dialogue is very good as Barrows take quotes from classic noir series but add today’s sensibilities to them alongside the super powered element. Jack isn’t the type to wear a costume and this book reads as such. The plot moves at a pretty steady pace throughout the book, not really getting fast till the end. Barrows leaves enough questions to make us wanting more, just like Jack with a solid cliffhanger ending. Really great writing from Barrows.


                Jack Hammer is a good, solid book with interesting mysteries, a strong lead and good story telling. The art is good as well. Yet, the heavy ink outline felt a bit much on some panels.


                I give Jack Hammer # 2 an 8 … out of 10.Pick it up Wednesday!