Brand New! RAI # 3 Review

RAI # 3
Written by Matt Kindt
Art by Clayton Crain
Valiant Comics

This will be a spoiler free review.

                Spylocke and Father keep some secrets. Rai is looking for answers. And a certain Doctor in the Valiant Universe decides it is time to spill. 


                The book is still one of the most gorgeous, detailed books that has ever graced the comic book market. The richness of Crain’s work just brings so much life and action into this wonderous work. There is such kinetic actions. The fluid look of the art is really grabs your eyes. Crain gives us some great expressions with our characters and Rai in particular. The near cinematic style of the book really allows you to immerse yourself in New Japan.  The colors, like I said in previous reviews, are toned extremely well. They are not as dark as they normally are and Crain does some great scenes with Lula.  From the first panel to the last panel, every last piece and line in this book creates a truly immersive and powerful tapestry that will make you want more.


                Kindt writes another solid issue. We got to learn something fairly big this issue as the murder mystery starts to open some interesting facts about Rai and Father. More importantly, we start looking at the fact that this future is considering Earth  Hell while New Japan encompasses so many different cities we used to know. Definitely some great world building. And I love the characterizations of Rai, Lula, Spylocke and …., who really develop and further as main characters in their own way. Kindt does a good job of answering some questions while only making you ask more afterward. My only gripe, and it is very little, is the introduction of the Positron. Maybe it is just me but I felt that it’s addition to the book is …placed in the wrong part of the story. It felt, to me, that is should have come up much sooner than it did. Yet, I am sure it fits into whatever Kindt has planned. Otherwise, this was a great read.

                For every answer, we got more questions. The action was insane. The art is absolutely ridiculous. The writing is fairly solid with one minor hiccup. But still, I feel fully immersed into this future and more more.  Kindt and Crain are definitely shining with this work.  I give Rai # 3 a 4.5 … out of 5.