Straight Forward Reviews : Fracture Vol. 2 # 3

Action Lab continues Fracture’s second volume. With twists and turns in the story and tensions heating up in Jeff’s personal life just what can be expected this from this issue? Read on and find out.

Writer – Shawn Gabborin

Artist – Chad Cicconi

Publisher – Action Lab

Review by Jeremias de Leon


This particular series is one that’s easy to spoil so without trying to give too much away. Jeff’s fracture clone Virtue seems to be going through a change. Virtue seems to have his own views on right and wrong and they seem to be quite different than what Jeff feels.

The comic started off with what seems like a Saturday morning cartoon battle between “the bad guys” and “the good guys” how wrong you are if you think that’s all this comic would be, or even if you think that’s all the battle at the beginning is. Within five pages the story takes a turn and you’ll see how the comic veers from what it seemed to be at the beginning. It turns into something more complex and with quite a bit of character development.


The art is alright. The lines are great but the colors could be more detailed for this kind of story. I love bright and vibrant colors but for this kind of cerebral story it feels kind of odd for the characters to be looking like children’s cartoons. It doesn’t really hurt the comic’s story though and it’s not off putting enough to make it a jarring experience to read.


This issue brings tension, mystery and action into a pretty awesome package. Some of the dialog feels like it’s trying a little too hard to poke fun of tropes and clichés. But I still have to say it’s pretty smartly written and totally worth reading. I give Fracture Vol. 2 # 3 an 8 out of 10.