Straight Forward Reviews: Archer and Armstong # 18

Archer crosses paths with Bloodshot and bullets fly, amongst other things.

Writer – Fred Van Lente

Artist – Peré Perez

Publisher – Valiant

Review by Jeremias de León


Without spoilers here’s a synopsis. After the events of the Sect Civil War plans are being made with the help of Bloodshot and H.A.R.D Corps to go after Archer. The first part of the book is slow with some tension and some nice bits of comedy too. The last half of the book ramps everything up with action and some drama too.

The dialog has Fred Van Lente’s sharp, humorous wit spread throughout the issue and on top of that dramatic and quite believably human dialog from all the characters. Well, all the characters named Bloodshot, Archer, or Armstrong anyway. The big bad military people that sent the H.A.R.D Corps after Archer and Armstrong seemed quite stereotypically like “mean military people”. Still, the writing is very strong and those people don’t have much time in the issue so it’s a minor thing.


Dear reader, do you love action? Well this issue has it in spades and it’s quite wonderfully drawn. The nice gun fu poses and Archer’s trademark martial arts look spectacular. As someone very famous would say from time to time “’nuff said”. That should be enough to at least be interested in the book. It’s darn awesome.


Archer and Armstrong is back in awesome form and has reminded me why it became close to my heart in terms of recent comic runs. The action was fantastic and the story was funny and had a nice human element to it. I give Archer and Armstrong # 18 a 9 out of 10.