1st Impression: BLOODSHOT AND H.A.R.D. CORPS # 20

Written by Christos Gage and Joshua Dysart
Art by Tom Raney and Gina Going
Valiant Comics


                It’s part 2 of Mission: Improbable as Bloodshot captures Archer. Meanwhile, the H.A.R.D. Corps get Armstrong drunk … thinking that was a good idea.  Boy, were they ever wrong.

                Tom Raney does a spectacular job this issue. His detailed pencils and original style shines as we go from glorious violence to hilarity. Raney’s pencils and detailed inks really come through as Going’s colors make them just jump out of the page. The panels are detailed with full backgrounds. Everyone looks very distinct, with different proportions. 
                The action feels very powerful and there is some great emotion conveyed through the panel work.  The ink work is very strong here and Going’s colors are perfection. Really clean work in Raney’s trademark style. Really striking art from this team.


                Gage and Dysart deliver a fast paced second chapter to the Mission: Improbable crossover. As Bloodshot secures Archer, the rest of the team deals with Armstrong. And to say that the confrontation was entertaining would be underselling it. Gage and Dysart delve into something they don’t normally do … comedy. And it works as they get Armstrong’s voice just right. The action is pretty serviceable as well as the stakes as H.A.R.D. Corps faces off against Armstrong and it isn’t pretty.
                The pacing of the issue was fairly good, with climbing action throughout the entire issue. The cliffhanger at the end of the issue will only make readers want more. The dialogue is powerful when needed to be, witty at other times. Gage and Dysart write very authentic, very human characters admist all the chaos. Really great stuff from Gage and Dysart. 


                This was an entertaining romp that left me wanting more. Armstrong was definitely a lighter touch to the book but very well. The characters really meshed well and were interesting. The art was amazing. The story kept me wanting more. Really great job.


                I give Bloodshot and H.A.R.D. Corps # 20 a solid 9.5 … out of 10.