1st Impression: TRISH OUT OF WATER # 5

Written by Vince Hernandez
Art by Giuseppe Cafaro, Ruben Curto, Manuela Nerolini & Mad5 Factory
Aspen Comics
                Trish must face her destiny as the new queen of an age-old blue city. As the battle draws to a close, Trish must deal with her enemies who will stop at nothing to kill her and wipe out their people.
                Cafaro gives us some dynamic panel work this issue.  There was great detail this issue with both the characters and backgrounds that really help draw readers into the world of the book.  Also, Cafaro had some great expressions of emotion from Trish dealing with her new status to the kids( Darren, Claire and Perry) finding out what our good Captain Ito has been up to.  There are some fairly descriptive panels … for most of the books. During a few of the pages in the middle of the book, the detail didn’t look as sharp.
                And while the colors were good, there was a little too much white burn effect at times with this issue. It felt more balanced last issue. This time though, it feel there was a bit much of it. Otherwise, Curto, Nerolini and Mad5 Factory do a solid job with the coloring. Everything felt a bit gritty but fitting given the story.  Still, we got some good panels and a fitting finale.
                Hernandez completes volume one of Trish Out of Water with a bang that ties together much of the plots that were introduced during the course of the season. The plots tie together to form a strong ending.  The dialogue felt powerful and authentic with all of the characters. The impact of Trish dealing with ‘her people’ weighed heavily.
                The pacing of the issue was perfect. All the subplots were handled and, in typical Hernandez style, we are left with one hell of a cliffhanger that sets up for another volume.  Hernandez constructs a story where a girl becomes a woman and the affect to those around her well. Trish really gets to a point where there is no turning back and we live it with her.
                There is something to be said of her story and what will happen to Trish after this. Hernandez knows this after we were with her on this journey of discovery. As for Claire, Darren and Perry, there is much that needs to be done with them but I guess that is for the next volume. Overall, Hernandez delivers a satisfying end to a girl’s journey into her own destiny.

                Trish Out of Water # 5 really delivers with a strong ending. While the art was good, there were some spots that could have been better. Overall, it was a solid way to end this series.


                I give Trish Out of Water # 5 a 7.5  … out of 10.