Straight Forward Reviews – Ninja-K # 12

Writer – Christos Gage

Artist – Roberto De La Torre

Publisher – Valiant

Review by Jeremias de Leon


Ninjak enters a town near Chernobyl to track down his friend Gilad, The Eternal Warrior. If you’re a Valiant fan you should also know that he’s Armstrong’s brother of Archer and Armstrong, but that’s neither here nor there.

Most of this issue is action but there is plenty of dialog and the comic is mainly about the atrocities the villain of this comic has committed. It’s written in a way that feels natural to a story like this that’s about espionage and military operations. Though it’s a one man team instead of a whole military group.


The art is fantastic in this issue. The sketchy style and use of very dark colors and a lot of black really carries this darker, action packed story. It’s doubly appropriate to have this kind of art style for a ninja.


The story moves at a very fast pace, but that is filled with almost cover to cover action. It seemed a bit too fast and even though it made sense to have the characters talk as they do, it’s still probably a bit too vague maybe for newer readers. New readers might be confused picking this up, though of course they should start at the beginning but there’s always the chance there’s someone who bought it a whim at their comic shop or online because they thought it looked cool.

This comic is really enjoyable though, even for the art alone. But the story is still written well enough that you want to keep reading and pick up the next issue. Ninja-K # 12 gets anĀ 8 out of 10