Straight Forward Reviews – Vampirella: The God You Know

Writer(s) – Jeremy Whitley, Paul Cornell (credited in issue 7)

Artist(s) – Andy Belanger, Creees Lee, Paul Barrios, Rapha Lobosco

Publisher – Dynamite

Review by Jeremias de Leon


There’s going to be no spoilers as usual in this review, and here we go. The arc has the devil himself, Lucifer defeated by Vampirella and the aftermath of that. Without being able to die since God is still missing people are understandably upset, to say the least.

Enter Vampirella, well, not literally, though perhaps more literally than we thought since the beginning of the arc is about her coming to terms with herself in her own mind. Then we get to the external conflict which leads to a lot of violence and some sex.

The story is written with a self aware tone and has some little bit of 4th wall breaking, with at least one true 4th wall break I can think go. There’s some comedy interspersed but do not be fooled this is a pretty dark and mature story.


The art is pretty well done, it has a nice balance between sensuality and grittiness. The color work especially shines here. Each part of the comic has this color tone that has a strong presence on the page for whatever part there in. Like an orange/brown hue when they’re in the desert. I think that works very well.

The characters look good too, especially in the last two issues of this run. I seemed to strongly like how characters look in that compared to the rest of the comics in this run.


This comic is far from terrible. However it feels like it has this schizophrenic vibe. There are some good moments in the story then it gets randomly interrupted with how hot Vampirella is for her girlfriend. Especially at times when there’s mortal danger does this seem really off putting. It’s like the story changed narrators even though it’s told from Vampirella’s point of view most of the way through.

Some parts ring out as true Vampirella but other parts feel like it’s a totally different character entirely. It seems really noticeable in the first issue especially. This did feel like it could have been another character and I think I’d have liked this a whole lot more. But with the Vampirella name, it doesn’t seem to quite fit. That said the story really is pretty cool and there’s plenty of action that readers of Vampirella and similar comics would love.

That said I did like and even though it felt like another character with Vampirella’s name there was some good parts for long time fans of the character to love. Vampirella: The God You Know gets an 7.5 out of 10.