Straight Forward Reviews – Rainbow Brite # 1

Writer – Jeremy Whitley

Artist – Brittney Williams (pencils) Valentina Pinto (colors)

Publisher – Dynamite

Review by Jeremias de Leon


Before the review starts proper there’s two things to know. One, this review is assuming a parent or guardian is reading to see if this is a good comic to pick up for their child. Two, yeah, they’re bringing back Rainbow Brite. I know right? The 80s are having a resurgence. Also, there won’t be spoilers just a general understanding of the plot will be mentioned.

Willow and her friend Wisp are two close friends who have very active imaginations are usually playing outside in a game where they are in a fantasy land. One night Wisp runs into something that seems to be the start of something greater and something that isn’t just her imagination.

Whitley takes his time here in this issue so it’s more focused on the personalities and lives of the girls Willow and Wisp. It works to get you invested into their stories and what they’ll be going through and how they’ll pull through it.


The art is cute but at the same time very believable. The characters look like people you would see every day, which is a big plus for this book. They look relatable while at the same time offering a glimpse into the fantastic. Well, for this issue. I can assume things will get more fantastic as the series goes on. The colors are also appropriately vibrant and really add to the art and the feel for the whole story.


This comic is really fun to read. It captures the essence of what it was like to have a childhood where you had fun just with your imagination. The bright colorful art really helps and considering the name and the story of Rainbow Brite that obviously fits very well for this comic. The ending could have been a little longer but for the page limitations for a modern comic it’s not too big of a deal. Pick this up! Rainbow Brite # 1 earns a 9 out of 10.