1st Impressions: SHADOWMAN # 16

Written by Peter Milligan
Art by Roberto de la Torre & David Baron
Valiant Comics


                The Abettor decide that want to take out Jack with the Screaming Whip, a mystical whip that was used on slaves and mystical beings. Yet, Alyssa realizes that she’s been played and helps Jack make some tough choices. Jack finds that he must confront demons head on in order to regain control of the Loa.
                De la Torre does a spectacular job this issue with his art. A great amount of detail alsongside some very moodly looking backgrounds. De la Torre presents a very gritty look at Shadowman and his battle yet can also produce some powerful, emotional panel work.  De la Torre does a good job with creating angles in panels that make things visually appealing and not typical.
                The grittiness is balanced out with Baron’s colors as he knows what scenes to keep dark and dreary while other scenes are a little brighter. Baron does a fantastic job of coloring the right tones to match the mood of the scene while also creating something very appealing with De la Torre’s art. A really fantastic job from this creative team.
                Milligan wins me over with this final chapter of his first storyline. Jack and Alyssa get some very strong development while also tying up all the loose ends of the storyline. Jack, especially, seems to have growing a lot in the course of the story as he faces his demons, personal and real, head on. Milligan captures the right amount of emotion for the book  he redefines Jack and Alyssa during this last chapter.
                The pacing was great as we got a very packed issue but it didn’t feel too heavy. There seemed to be just enough between action and drama to really make the book stand out. The dialogue definitely felt real and Milligan adds more and more to the Shadowman mythos.  An outstanding finish by Milligan.
                At the beginning of the storyline, I was not too keen on this new direction. Now, I am very much on board. This issue tied up everything well with great art and some powerful moments. The cliffhanger ending will make you want more. That said, this was definitely a great issue.

                I give Shadowman # 16 a 10 …. Out of 10. This issue was perfect. Pick it up.