Comics News: Kickstart Tortured Life

Tortured Life Kickstarter live!

(United Kingdom) T Publications announced today the launch of a Kickstarter campaign to fund their miniseries. The firstdraft issue has had such a positive response the company decided to finish the title in a six issue full color miniseries. Tortured Life tells the story of Richard Carter a man who can see how you are going to die. At first, Richard tried to help people – thinking his gift was something that would allow him to save lives.  Unfortunately for Richard this was not the case; he was destined to watch those around him die, powerless to stop fate from playing out it’s wicked hand. But there is much more to this; he’s not alone in this horror story.

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Creator Neil Gibson explains, “We are well known in the U.K.  and looking to spread the word about us in the United States. Kickstarter is a great way to reach out to both the kickstarter community AND comic fans in the USA.”
What others are saying about Tortured Life and T Publications:
“Neil Gibson is an undiscovered Brian Michael Bendis” -Bleeding Cool

“Gibson has a talent for suspense and it really flourishes in his writing…he takes a left turn right in front of you, cuts off your train of thought and leaves your mind crashed and wondering what just happened — in a good way, of course.” – Comics Bulletin

“Neil Gibson does everything he needs to and in just 24 pages creates a life, a problem and delivers enough suspense to make us intrigued.” –Forbidden Planet

 “Well written and illustrated, this is a fantastic story that leaves you feeling sorry for the main character. What makes this such a gripping read is the slow and steady build up and evenly sectioned story.” – Pages&Panels
T Publications is a new publisher from London. The first issue of Twisted Dark was the #1 book on Amazon Kindle in the UK and they are releasing volume 5 in May. Looking for horror that will make you laugh as well as gasp? Check out their miniseries Tabatha! And for those looking for light-hearted reading, make sure and pick up Twisted Light!

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