Straight Forward Reviews : Bubblegun # 5

Molli and her team have come back for their 5th issue. It seems to be the end of the line, for the story arc anyway. Does it end strong?

Writer – Mark Roslan

Artist – Mike Bowden

Publisher – Aspen

Review by Jeremias de León


The story is all about a climactic showdown between Molli and her crew and Drazic’s forces. The bad guy’s have all kinds of advantages and Molli’s crew have to fight against all the odds. There’s not so much in terms of plot advancing dialog save for the end. That isn’t to say there was nothing of note in terms of character development. Molli’s character grows in a believable way and just as important as the combat she goes through is her moral battle.

The ending of the issue wraps things up nicely enough for this story arc and definitely lets the reader know that there are still plenty more for the main characters of BubbleGun to tackle. You’ll just have to read to know just what happened to the team and why their story seems to have just begun.


The art in this series has always been something I enjoyed in this series and this issue is no exception. Since the issue is mostly action the art could make or break this book. Molli and her friends look fantastic with their acrobatics and using their gadgets. If nothing else sells reader on the book the art most likely will still get people to look at it.


BubbleGun’s fantastic action and character growth has really seen it turn into quite the nice cyberpunk swashbuckling adventure series. Great art and a storyline and character development has made this series grow and it was nice to be along for the ride. I give BubbleGun # 5 a 9 out of 10.