Seraph’s Sanctions: PORTAL BOUND #0

Writers: Mark Roslan & Gabe Carrasco
Art: Alex Arizmendi
Colors: Wes Hartman
Letters: Zen
Publisher: Aspen Comics



It has been a long time since I did one of these. Let’s see if I still got it.

The Breakdown: 

Havos is going through a crisis right now as the once benevolent Emperor Atilus has seemingly gotten angry and … well … turning into a big bad. There is change in the air as conflict is coming … and the Empress has her brother in law take our lead heroine, Sybil, away from it. Sybil though wants to stay and fight if need be, but mom’s not having it. So, Sybil and her uncle Horuk start to run off … but not with out obstacles in their way. Meanwhile, on Earth … well, Aspen Earth I believe … we meet an awkward teen named Eli. What he is about to find is how he is connected with our dear Sybil … I think …

The Bad: 

Eli’s introduction is ok and pretty mundane. There’s a lot of hints of stuff for him, but it is overcast by Sybil’s introduction. But this is a minor gripe.

The Moment of Awesome: 

Sybil talks a very good game and seems to take care of herself for the most part … till she gets in over her head and her uncle saves her. LOVED IT! It works so well after shortly before Horuk called out his niece on her arrogance.

The Good: 

Character balance issues aside, this was a great #0 issue. We got a lot of  character development in these few pages then we see in a lot of other comics. Roslan & Carrasco do a magnificent job of building Sybil, Eli and our main cast. Eli has issues, not just with girls but at home that feel real. Meanwhile, Sybil is arrogant and a bit anxious. She clearly feels that whatever is happening, the man that is her father is not the man she once knew.  The characters feel very real already which is a testament to the characters and our writers. The underlining sense of danger was well captured as well. And there are clear seeds that things will be growing over the course of the series. They are there, but nothing has fully bloomed yet, leaving readers intrigued.

Arizmendi’s art is superb here. A nice cartoony style works well to bring out the sci-fi fantasy parts of Havos. Arizmendi’s pencils and digital inks do a great job of bringing clean, detailed panels. I get an Eternia vibe from Havos, yet Arizmendi has made it distinct enough thus far with the wonderful art. The characters all look distinct and feel distinct in their facial expressions and body language. Hartman’s colors are divine as they work well to give the book’s art a vividness … even amongst Eli and his bestie going to a concert on good ole’ Earth.  This combo gives us some good art that sucks you into two distinctly different places with very different characters … and do it well.



The Verdict: 

Portal Bound #0 is a solid introduction to what the series is setting up. There were a lot of ideas, but yet the issue was used to introduced characters and set up what the main plot will be once Portal Bound #1 hits racks. Roslan & Carrasco do a superb job of doing this with making our characters relatable  and flawed from the word go … thus making readers cling to them. The seeds of what to come are planted well, even if it felt like Sybil was more important than Eli.  The art itself was really good and made both words look distinct and have a different feel.  Really good zero issue. Looking forward to the main series to start.