The Drop – CES 2018

On the first, “The Drop” of 2018 Fighter xaos rounds up the interesting trends and the cool gadgets shown of at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Join our discord! Check out TheGeekFighters on youtube and twitch!
My (rushed) contest manga :…
The tech talked about : Engadget’s best of CES 2018…
Neurostimulation is here but is it good for you?…
Sennheiser 3D Audio tech in a soundbar 3D sound possible at home
LG Rollable OLED TV 65” prototype
HTC Vive pro. Way higher resolution.
Whirlpool internet connected microwave. Works with google assistant and Amazon Alexa.
Byron concept car. Big computer display. Takes your health info and stuff.
Razer laptop. Dock for Razer phone. Project Linda. Powers the laptop. Use phone as touchpad. Concept.
Wireless charger. Charges devices no mats, no wires. Just SENDS ENERGY. Powerspot transmitter by Powercast. Costs 50 dollars
Acer makes thinnest notebook computer. But it’s Acer though.