Straight Forward Reviews : Quantum and Woody # 9

Quantum and Woody are back for more antics in issue 9. Just what kind of trouble are they in this time?

Story – James Asmus

Art – Kano

Publisher – Valiant

Review by Jeremias de León


The story in this issue focuses on Woody’s attempt to be a stand up citizen. A simple premise, but this issue gives you so much with just that, that is all it needs for the story. Through this premise we get character development, character backstory and a build up for the next issue. It was quite a clever issue actually. Sometimes having a laser focus like this for a comic issue or for a television episode is needed. This felt quite satisfying to read through.

There’s still the wacky humor that’s been present in every issue before this. It not only does not take a back seat but it’s actually used to propel the story further. Besides taking some lighthearted pokes at comic books in general there’s some jokes about other things that aren’t comic book related that are franchises in the real world. One such franchise that was mentioned on page two I never thought would be mentioned in any Valiant comic, or Marvel or D.C for that matter. That franchise just happens to be near and dear to my heart as well so seeing it mentioned was quite a pleasant surprise.


Kano is handling the pencils now, taking over for Ming Doyle from the last issue. He happens to do great work with really big moments like explosions and that was used to great effect in this issue. Especially with Woody’s powers.


James Asmus is a really clever writer who knows how to grow and flesh out characters and use comedy to great effect to comment on something. This issue is not only funny but well thought out, and has great action. Add references to things geeks like me love and wouldn’t expect to see referenced and you have a winner here. I give Quantum and Woody # 9 a 10 out of 10.