Action Lab Comics in Stores 12/6/2017

New Releases for the week of December 6th, 2017
Writer(s): Vito Delsante
Artist Name(s): Ares Taveras, Wilson Ramos Jr.
Cover Artist(s): Sean Izaakse, Wilson Ramos Jr.
Orderable Variant Cover by: Miguel Angel Ruiz/Wilson Ramos (B)The past is prologue. Stray’s greatest challenge lies in the present. Who are the Intolerance? With New York City at a tipping point, Stray is going to need some help…guest starring MIDNIGHT TIGER! Also: A new back-up story by Jay Piscopo! Retailer incentive cover by Miguel Angel Ruiz!

32 pgs./ T / FC                   $3.99


What people are saying about Actionverse Featuring Stray:

Action Lab has a world of super-heroes and they all have so much potential while sharing a universe. This arc just went and made that so much bigger, more exciting and filling it with the kind of unlimited potential most people dream of being able to do.
(Reading with a Flight Ring)

“ACTIONVERSE #1 ft. STRAY is a smart first issue drop by the creative team. It’s entertaining, engaging, has likable characters, a moving plot, and fun covers.” (PopCultHQ)

“With STRAY Delsante captures the fun and adventure of yesterday’s superheroes, but with a modern twist.” (The Fellowship of the Geeks)

Writer(s): Jason Inman & Ashley Victoria Robinson
Artist Name(s): Ben Matsuya (Line art), Mara Jayne Carpenter (Colors), Taylor Esposito (Letters)
Cover Artist(s): Ben Matsuya (Covers A & B), Jonboy Meyers (Cover C)

SERIES LAUNCH! Sixteen-year-old Jacqueline “Jacky” Johnson rides the sky on an experimental jetpack and she does what any other teenage girl would do. Steal from the rich and give to the poor! But, when she steals a mysterious object from the wrong people, can she survive the robots and ray guns they send after her?
32 pgs./ E / FC                   $3.99


What people are saying about Jupiter Jet:

“Jupiter Jet #1 is worth a try for anyone who craves a more all-ages superhero action in their life.” (IGN)

“The art is engaging and full of life.” (Shoot the Breeze Comics)

Writer(s): Zag Entertainment
Artist Name(s): Zag Entertainment
Cover Artist(s): Zag Entertainment
Arranged and Adapted by: Cheryl Black and Nicole D’Andria

Jagged Stone can no longer tolerate the provocations of an arrogant young singer called Mr. XY. Akumatized by Hawk Moth, Jagged becomes Guitar Villain, the most rock’n’roll… and loudest super-villian in history.  Ladybug and Cat Noir, both fans of Jagged, will have to go with the rhythm to save Mr. XY from Guitar Villain’s very special punishment… Let’s Rock!

64 pgs./ E / FC                   $4.99 


What people are saying about Miraculous:

“If you’re considering which of the tv-to-comic books to get, I would recommend this one (Or all of them, if you have kids in the car who love reading them).”
(Amazon Customer Review)

Kids who love the show will enjoy this comic book.” (Goodreads Customer Review)

“Well-adapted from a series that is clever, well-written and well-designed. It’s a win/win situation…” (Major Spoilers)

Writer(s): Jeremy Whitley
Artist Name(s): Xenia Pamfil
Cover Artist(s): Xenia Pamfil (Cover A), Sorah Suhng & Kate Flash (Cover B)

What happened at the end of the last issue? Find out now as the whole ship is turned upside down, some of the crew is lost to the water, and the rest of the crew are under attack from the violent forces of Raven’s brothers. Can we save those who are lost and, once this fight is over, will it even matter?

32 pgs./ A / FC                   $3.99


What people are saying about Raven:

“Raven the Pirate Princess is the Coolest, Queerest Pirate on the Seven Seas” (Autostraddle)
“ ‘Princeless Raven: The Pirate Princess’ is the YA lesbian heroine we’ve been waiting for” (AfterEllen)

“Whitley continues to prove his mastery of writing characters that are fun, even in dark situations.” (The Broken Infinite)

“If you’re looking for a great story to get lost in with a diverse group of smart characters then ‘Raven the Pirate Princess’ is the one for you.” (Spartantown)

Writer(s): Aaron Humphres
Artist Name(s): Aaron Humphres
Cover Artist(s): Aaron Humphres

Join alien wildlife photographer Rosco and his robot assistant Vincent on a cosmic safari of epic proportions. This book chronicles Rosco’s expedition to planet Grangawa in search of strange aliens to capture on film.

32 pgs./ E / FC                   $9.99