Straight Forward Reviews – The Harcourt Legacy # 1

Writer – Brendan Cahill

Artist – Jason Federhenn

Publisher  – Action Lab Danger Zone


The introduction to this story is a slow build up of what the Harcourt family is like, and sets the tone and atmosphere for this series. The characters are established especially of course Violet who seems to be the main character and her grand uncle Edward.

The characters are written quite well, and come off as real. They have real reactions to things and there’s a sense of humor that keeps things from feeling overly dark or serious.


The character designs are fantastic and the sequential art with them looks good. Especially their facial expressions. Emotion is conveyed very well through their faces. What also looks great is the environment. It looks to be set in New England though it isn’t really said, Massachusetts was mentioned on a page though.


I didn’t have really any expectations while reading this so I didn’t know if this would be good or bad. But this was a pleasant surprise. The character’s are pretty enjoyable though Violet seems like a lot of other teenage girls but she does have a quirk or two that makes her stand out a bit. Hopefully she’ll stand out more as the series goes on. Also uncle Edward is a pretty cool dude. The Harcourt Legacy # 1 gets an 8.5 out of 10.