Action Lab comics in stores on 11/8/2017

New Releases for the week of November 8th, 2017

Writer(s): Rick Laprade (script), Rick Laprade & J. McClary (story)
Artist Name(s): J. McClary (pencils, inks), Elenora Dalla Rosa (colorist), Rick Laprade (lettering)
Cover Artist(s): J. McClary (art) & Elenora Dalla Rosa (colorist)

The adventure begins here! When Miru crash lands on the world of Gaia, he inadvertently becomes the most wanted creature around. Along with a rag-tag band of allies, Miru begins his journey to save all existence from the devious Dr. Monopoly and his wicked master, the demon king, Samsura!

128 pgs./ A / FC                   $14.99


What people are saying about The Adventures of Miru:

“If you enjoy action-packed, steampunkish romps starring a group of likeable misfits, then The Adventures of Miru is a book you should definitely not hesitate to pick up. It’s a true diamond in the rough.” (IndieComiX)

“Kids of any age won’t be able to resist picking this issue up.”
(School Library Journal)

“Laprade does a stellar job of keeping it light and fun while still keeping the ball rolling. Artist J. McClary brings some gorgeous line work to the pages and Eleonora Dalla Rosaloads it all down with vibrant colors!” (Geeks of Doom)

“…expect a fun adventure tale with an unusual cast of characters.” (Comic Bastards)

Writer(s): Shawn Pryor, B. Alex Thompson
Artist Name(s): Jay Reed
Cover Artist(s): Jay Reed

Quarterback Terrance Wright is about to play in the biggest game of his life, Supreme Bowl XXVII. However, events leading up to the game could alter his fate. Will Terrance’s health, finances, his scheming agent, a beloved rookie backup quarterback, and his personal relationship with the franchise operations manager take him to his breaking point before the game begins?

32 pgs./ T / FC                   $3.99


Writer(s): Marty LeGrow                                                                      
Artist Name(s): Marty LeGrow
Cover Artist(s): Marty LeGrow

When Troybot tries to show off his latest accessory, he ends up proving that the term “harmless toy” never applies to a robot with a rocket launcher. Meanwhile, Trixie’s tried everything to reunite Minky with her toy accessories, Chad and Robert. But in trying to make a new friend, she accidentally uncovers Dollington Academy’s oldest secret!

32 pgs./ E / FC                   $3.99 


What people are saying about Toyetica:

“If there’s one word to describe this series so far, it’s “charming”.” (The Broken Infinite)

“I am an adult and I absolutely love this series so far. It’s so cute and light, which is giving me a nice break from all the serious, dark, and depressing comics I usually read.”
(The Pop Break)

“…this may be one of those series that could end up rivaling Monster High.”
(Reading with a Flight Ring)