Heroes Dome Laat Horror Zien In De Dark Zone

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Heroes Dome’s Horror Theme Announcement As Halloween Creeps Up

For Immediate Release ~ Arnhem, The Netherlands, October 31, 2017

The team behind HEROES DOME is excited to let you in on more secrets… and there be HORROR!
As we already announced actor Lew Temple (The Walking Dead, Halloween, The Devil’s Rejects) as our very first actor-hero to our very first HEROES DOME convention – to be held in the biggest festival stage in Holland which is also one of the most impressive football stadium: the Gelredome – we just could not pass this Halloween without letting you know about our DARK ZONE and even more guests.

The Dark Zone will be one of the prominent parts of Heroes Dome and will be the area you will get your horror-groove on! It will be filled to the rim with grizzly guests, malicious merchandise, evil events and frightening fans!

The veil is lifted on this Halloween-evening and we introduce you to artist Patrick Cornelis (Virus) and Scandinavian actress Sarah Giercksky (Wounded).

Artist Patrick Cornelis hails from Belgium and is working on his zombie-infested, horror-fantasy series VIRUS, for which he is hard at work on #3 already. Patrick will be hosting his personal zombies (cosplayers of course!! Do not be too afraid!) in his horror-room in the Dark Zone at Heroes Dome.

Aside being an actress Sarah Giercksky writes screenplays, does SFX and directs movies and will be more then happy to answer questions on all things creative and gore!!

As the Dark Zone at Heroes Dome will grow bigger and bigger, you will notice that it is powered by “Dark Zone Studios“, a consortium who has been working in the international horror convention scene for years and who presented guests at various shows in England, America and Germany.

The HEROES DOME convention will be the first Dutch popculture multi-media convention where diversity as well as the feeling of being a “hero” and seeing “heroes” is truly the core of this first event. The purpose for HEROES DOME is to give Holland (but we welcome any international visitor!) a truly celebrated event for visitors as well as exhibitioners and (international and national) guests.

The HEROES DOME convention will be hosted in the Gelredome on June 2-3, 2018.

Meet your Heroes… BE your heroes!

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