Straight Forward Reviews – X-O Manowar # 8 (2017)

Writer – Matt Kindt

Artist – Clayton Crain with Renato Guedes

Publisher – Valiant

Review by Jeremias de Leon


This issue sees Aric and his X-O Manowar armor prepare for, and finally fight, one last battle for the fate of the planet he is now on.

Matt Kindt expertly weaves in a feeling of a sort of great at something else looming just ahead. That even if this battle is easy, that it’s not the end but just the beginning of his trials. Each panel on every page is not wasted and with dialogue or without helps move the story and characterization of the characters further.


The art is nothing short of gorgeous which it has been, but in this issue it seems even more fine tuned for the story telling of the comic. Unlike before which still looked fantastic but more so during the action. Here the art seems more complete and is totally working with the story.


X-O Manowar has been a fantastic series this whole year with it’s revamp. This issue is no exception and shows that it has only gotten better. X-O Manowar # 8 (2017) gets an 9.5 out of 10.