Seraph’s Sanctions: ETERNITY # 1

Writer: Matt Kindt
Art: Trevor Hairsine & Ryan Winn
Colors: David Baron
Letters: Dave Lanphear
Publisher: VALIANT COMICS (October 2017) 

The Breakdown: 

It is a new beginning for Abram & Myshka as well as David Camp’s crew of “Divinity Faithful.” Eternity arrives on Earth after the death of a being known as The Observer. The Observer seemingly helps keeps balance in a galaxy, possibly the Universe. Time has passed as Abram and Myshka have gotten close … close enough to have a child. And the child might hold the fate of everyone … while David Camp demands that he and his faithful are taken to the stars.

The Bad: 
Nada. Zip. Zero.

The Moment of the Issue: 
Well … the cliffhanger … was DAMN Good.

The Good:

I love this creative team. Every time they work together, it is always a fun read. And while not everything knocks it out of the park, it is consistently good to OH MY FUCKING GOD THIS IS AMAZEBALLS!!!! Well, once again, we are treated to a beginning. It is a new tale of our god like powered characters. And while we do get some danging threads from the previous Divinity series, Kindt makes this first issue something new. We get a nice look at Abram and Myshka’s relationship as it seems that both of them are happy with their mundane looking like … well, somewhat mundane as Abram has some fun with his son. It immediately humanizes them even more so than they already were. Myshka definitely seems a bit more vulnerable here … but in a good way. They both clearly take their roles as parents seriously. And it seems we get to see a bit more of Valiant’s cosmic with the introduction of the Eternity. They have come and Kindt makes sure they leave an impression. They are no nonsense and they certainly know what they want. Kindt takes our story to the stars in a very organic way while developing our main characters and others like David Camp, whose faith might not be what we seen. Kindt blends all these elements well for a first issue.

The art is simply superb here by Hairsine, Winn and Baron. Every panel has a certain rough energy that pops out of you. There’s a good amount of depth in the panel work. They craft worlds of both the mundane and wonderous, making it all look stylish. While the settings might seem like such big shifts visually, Hairsine, Winn and Baron take it in stride. They create work that is visually engrossing and enchanting. The colors are nice and vibrant enough to catch the eye while still having it slightly toned down to best bring out the richness of Hairsine’s pencils and Winn’s inks.

The Verdict: 

Eternity #1 was a strong first chapter of this new era for Divinity and Myshka. We are introduced to their son, Eternity, The Observer and so much more while Kindt weaves in older stuff like David Camp and his crew. The art was simply spectacular. The characters all jump at you and the story reels you in, seeing humanity among gods and one of the most common of worries, the worry of parents about their child’s safety, is given a grand scope. And thus Eternity begins with a bang … and let me tell you, I am here for this whole ride.