Seraph’s Sanctions: ASPEN DECIMATION #1

Writer: Vince Hernandez
Art: Marco Renna & Mark Roslan
Colors: Federico Blee & John Starr
Letters: Zen
Publisher: ASPEN COMICS (October 2017)



The Breakdown:

Hank and Sparkles are captured by Terra, Ember Silva and Evani as they are used to go to the future and free Jayden from Rainier. They are then sent on missions alongside Terza for specific goals. As each woman goes to fulfill a goal, we find that Terza walks to face Queen Faye. Ember Silva stares down Shrugged’s Theo. And Evani is charged with resurrecting a particular woman of the past while the mastermind, Orlana, is having her way with Sudana. Orlana plan begins to get laid out with each power play having an affect in the Aspen Universe.

The Bad:

If you didn’t read the Decimation one shot during FCBD. then the beginning of this book is a bit daunting for readers. Kinda feels like the one shot was the true issue one.

The moment of the Issue:

Personally, it is the faces when Terza tells Queen Faye and company that their past was compromised.



The Good:
There’s a lot of good here. A whole lot of good actually. The issue feels the most unifying of the Aspen properties than it has ever been. From Soulfire to Fathom to Dellic to Shrugged to Charismagic, Decimation really goes through the gambit of the entire Aspen Universe. Orlana’s plan is deep with many facets and many roots. And while the true motive behind everything is yet to be revealed, Hernandez does a great job of leaving clues within in some fairly epic moments as many of the different titles of Aspen clash for the first time. Another aspect of the issue is the fact that the majority of the issue is dominated by the villainesses.  Hernandez makes it a point to not only see the various titles intermingle, yets takes it as an opportunity to develop each of the vicious vixens. It makes the issue a real treat to see a first issue focus on them compared to the heroes of the world. Evani, Terza and Jayden have some key moments of characterization that flesh them out for new readers. It isn’t as apparent with Amber and Terra, but Hernandez does juggle the massive cast well. With all the different plot lines, Hernandez shines through by letting both the characters & plot progress.

Meanwhile, this is some of Renna’s best art to date. Renna’s clean style has a bit more detail to it this time, and it works beautifully for the book. Alongside Roslan’s digital inks, Renna’s art is sharp. With some brilliant action and detailed backgrounds, Renna and Roslan give a tour de force with their work this issue. The colors from Blee and Starr bring out the best of Renna’s and Roslan’s work while giving the panels depth.

The Verdict:

Decimation is an event and it hits the ground running. There are a lot of great interactions that readers can see for the first time while introducing different aspects of Aspen to newer readers. Hernandez takes the time to set up the plot to help show the Aspen Universe instead of just going for the sake of it. The art was well done. The only problem is that the FCBD Decimation issue seems to be the real first issue of the event while this picks up at a later point. And while it still reads well, it does not feel completely like a first issue. Otherwise, the characters all got to shine a little, readers got to see a lot and the art was top notch. I had a fun read and looking forward to more.