Seraph’s Sanctions: FAITH & THE FUTURE FORCE # 3 (Advanced Review)

Writer: Jody Houser
Art: Diego Bernard & Juan Castro, Cary Nord & Brian Theis
Colors: Ulises Arreola
Letters: Dave Sharpe
Publisher: VALIANT COMICS (September 2017) 


The Breakdown: 

Neela and Ank teams with Faith, who gathers almost all the heroes of the Valiant Universe, including Bloodshot, Archer, Armstrong, Eternal Warrior, X-O Manowar, The Renegades, Rai, The Shadowoman of 4001 A.D. and more to face the robot that seems to be destroying time. And this time, it seems to be more powerful than ever. As the battle turns brutal, Neela faces time getting destroyed. And Faith decides to tackle the problem in a different way.

The Bad: 

Nord’s art seemed a bit more sketch, sharper style. It looks good for the most part except some panels seemed a bit too hurried looking.  But this is a minor gripe.


The Moment of the Issue: 
Seeing the majority of the heroes fighting together was very, very gratifying and awesome!

The Good: 

Houser crafts an issue with a lot of action, intrigue and character development. Ank and Neela get some great character development this issue as Neela start comparing her actions to that of her predecessor, Ivar. Meanwhile, Ank decides to show more parts of her self while not knowing Earth tv quotes is entertaining. Houser’s smart mix of action with witty pop culture references and a simple, yet solid plot makes the issue work. The issue feels just right. Although it is mostly action, the narration given does a lot to help connect and move the issue along. Faith’s narration just sucks readers in with it. And Houser knows it.

Bernard’s art is some of his best in his career here. It is rich and detailed. The line work is clean while powerful inks that flesh the detail from Castro. The epicness of the majority of the Valiant heroes facing our robotic enemy was NOT lost with these panels. From the side to side look of Rai with Bloodshot to the splash page of the majority of the Valiant Heroes hitting our enemy is gorgeous and poster worthy. Nord’s more sketchy, sharper pencils work for the time switch over, like the series has done the entire time. It is kind of appropriate that the artist of the first book when Valiant relaunched a few years ago is no here drawing the story that leads to the heart of why the time loops and the battle with our robotic adversary is happening. The art is still very well done by Nord with help from Theis. I do love the scenes in the dinner from Nord. And Arreola continues to be one of the best colorists in the business by coloring everything to near perfection.

The Verdict: 

Faith & the Future Force # 3 was a book that Valiant fans should really grab. We get some visually stunning moments that are historic. A large scale battle that is just amazing. Smart writing that is relatable characters on top of a simple plot with time travel. Houser advances the story and our characters with the ease of a hot knife through butter while seducing readers to need more. Meanwhile, the art is, for the most part, absolutely superb throughout the book. We are given some amazing visuals that comic readers will still not soon forget. Besides a few panels that seemed a bit messy, this is a spectacle not to be missed.