Straight Forward Reviews – X-O Manowar # 7 (2017)

Writer – Matt Kindt

Artist – Clayton Crain

Publisher – Valiant

Review by Jeremias de Leon


Aric learns of the truth behind the conflict of the ones in the giant monolith structure destroying the Burned Ones who the emperor of the Azure people despises. On an alien world Aric fights against yet more aliens.

The narrative in this issue is a bit unique. Not only is there the standard dialog between characters but it seems the ring the X-O Manowar armor resides in is simultaneously talking to Aric and narrating the events unfolding before the readers eyes. On top of that there’s some bits where it looks like a dialog tree reminiscent of Bioware’s video game RPGs pops up. This unique path to telling the story is really refreshing and thankfully still linear so it isn’t hard to follow.


The art is gorgeous. The comic makes good use of splash pages at certain points to really drive home the bigger events in the issue. On top of that everything is beautifully detailed but not to the point it reaches what uncanny valley. There’s also a good use of a muted color palette that shows just how bleak things are looking on this war torn planet.


The 2017 X-O Manowar has been amazing so far but this issue is truly captivating. Matt Kindt, thinks of new and unique and engaging ways to tell a story and showcase the core themes of his run on this series. Add to that beautiful detailed artwork with great colors and you have a book that is a great example of why we read comic books and why it’s a medium that still is important and is as valid a medium for story telling as books, movies and tv. X-O Manowar # 7 (2017) gets a 10 out of 10.