Straight Forward Reviews – Toyetica # 2

Writer – Marty Legrow

Artist – Marty Legrow

Publisher – Action Lab


Spoiler free summary is as follows. The aspiring toy models are getting their accessories that they’ll have up until graduation. Of course more happens but it’s tied to the story.

There’s some pretty real situations in this fantastic setting. Each student has their own wants, fears and hang ups. It’s all written in a way that isn’t insulting a kid’s intelligence and still very simple to keep up with. The balance of writing like that is harder than it seems so I have to credit for that.

It feels like we’re seeing these child toy models as they are and that whatever growing up they’ll be doing over the series will seem believable and will make an impact on the reader.

There’s also the plot points that seem to develop over the accessories they just got, especially concerning two of the characters particularly. It’s pretty cool to see something like what would be toy accessories be important not just to plot but to a character’s growth.


In short the art is very pretty. In a bit more detail, the characters are drawn in an almost hybrid style of cartoon and realism. The clothes and hair of characters are detailed, but not overly so and their facial expressions has enough cartoon like exaggeration to make them seem cute.


If you want something to read that you know will have depth and that you can give to a kid without worrying about it be offensive this is definitely not a bad comic to go for. There’s good writing about growth, self acceptance and very pretty art to go along with it. Toyetica # 2 gets a 9 out of 10.