Straight Forward Reviews – All New Fathom # 8

Writer – Blake Northcott

Artist – Marco Renna

Publisher – Aspen

Review by Jeremias de Leon


If you didn’t know this was a final issue of a run, just seeing the first few pages really gives off that vibe. Final showdowns, secrets revealed and when you read the whole thing one final message.

You’ve got some twists, which honestly, I didn’t see this exact scenario coming. I had some ideas but they were averted and done super well. The action also really felt like stakes were involved. Sometimes it’s hard to convey that on a printed page but the character’s dialog and motivations really sold that there is a lot at stake.


Marco Renna’s pencils and John Starr’s inks, and of course Mark Roslan’s inks all come together and make a beautiful harmony. The art has been one of Fathom’s strongest points since it began. Character’s facial expressions convey exactly what emotions you’d think they would, and when there’s fighting and other types of action going on, everything looks grand and impactful.


This comic wraps things up very tidy. There’s plenty of action and the final showdown definitely feels like a final showdown. The art is stellar and the characters are written like real people. What’s also refreshing is how it doesn’t paint groups in broad strokes and has an overall message that is positive and honestly, one I hope people take to heart. Though of course it’s up to you as a reader to decide if it’s one you can get behind.

If you want something that’s an even handed commentary on the world today, with great art, and awesome super heroic action then this is the comic to go for right here. I wasn’t expecting to do this, but this last issue really made an impact. All New Fathom # 8 gets a 10 out of 10. Pick it up when you can.